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Success incorporates the ownership of technology, but distinction requires The Proper Technology

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 Having the ambition drives you to succeed. Having the tools empowers you to actually achieve it. MBM can arm business entities with innovative digital tools to accelerate business growth. Our team of consultants has remarkable technical expertise in the most technically advanced software:

System 5

Windward System 5 is a complete and fulfilling business management package. Having all the empowering features, this system is not only a professional Stock Management tool but it’s also the complete accounting system and Customer Database, all integrated and presented with a highly user friendly interface. Windward System Five offers powerfully integrated functionality for increasing productivity, improving business performance, and managing all aspects of your business - including sales, inventory, purchasing, reporting, financials and more. Designed to support changing needs of any business, it is the ideal solution for companies that need more than the basic accounting software. This integration helps manage all aspects of your business within one powerfully integrated system , Enhance the value of existing information , Analyze your sales in real-time, plus generate letters to customers, vendors, and employees, Extend sales and marketing efforts with Windward's web services, Install your system quickly and easily import customer, vendor and account records from other applications. Employees will get started fast, with intuitive navigation and tools backed by friendly support and training resources. This Software –backed up by our consultancy- will bring out the hidden potential in your organization.

Management Company Portal

Business Management Portal website is meant to facilitate reporting for employees & Companies. The Portal is packed with various useful Reporting facilities, such as: inventory, sale, stock, analysis, accounting reports, check stock availability and pricing on inventory, check sale amount, count your stock, all designed to transform the complex reporting procedure into an efficient financial asset.

Business Management

Business Management is a web application that acts as a reference that connects all business aspects through a dynamic, user friendly interface. Users can create all type of reports in user-friendly environment and save them for later use. The application also allows them to change these reports if they want to. It can be used to conduct studies on their business development strategies, and examine the growth rates to help them better understand their growth factors. Business Management will boost the analysis and auditing process, as well as enabling them to have more power and consistency over data.

Stock Management

This website is an application that manage its stock cycle, user can upload images and link them to their consequent supplier part number that exists on system 5. Users can then view the details of each item which include Images, item name, part number, category, sub-category, brand, supplier part number, part number, look up words, and quantities in all branches of both wholesale and retail. The application is made in such a way that if any changes in stock is performed, the administrator can readjust data according to the applied changes easily. Moreover, in case of having a large number of images that need to be uploaded, the administrator can upload and link them automatically, on a condition that the image name is the same as the supplier part number. There is also an option that allows the administrator to clear unused images for all users.